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How to Hire an Event Photographer: 5 Tips to Guarantee Great Results

Hiring a professional photographer for your next event can be daunting. In the end, you're hiring an expert because you're not one yourself! But that's okay, because there is plenty of support out there available to guide you through the process. This article covers 5 key tips that will help you hire a photographer that will provide fantastic results for your next event.

  1. Nothing beats a professional photographer We all can agree that smartphone camera's have come a long way. Today, the images they produce are unlike anything ever before achieved by a phone camera in history. Though, we can also agree that images taken by a professional photographer take imagery to the next level. Don't compromise on your memories or you'll have deep regret. Whether you're hosting an 16th, 18th, 21st birthday, or even a corporate event, we want our clients to enjoy their event instead of worrying about capturing photos. By hiring a professional photographer, you're able to live in the moment, but also enjoy your memories for years to come.

  2. Get a photographer who is an editing expert Capturing photos is only half of the art form. A photographer's ability to edit photos is as crucial as their ability to take them. You want to hire a photographer who has extensive experience working with post production editing, and a photographer who has an editing style that pushes their images to the next level. Novus photographer's all are extensively trained in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Every single image they take is individually edited to the highest standard. This paired with our industry leading image styling allows us to provide albums that not only capture an event, but are truly beautiful to look at.

  3. Hire a photographer with extensive experience Don't compromise on this. Anyone can purchase a camera from JB HiFi these days. You want to trust your next event with a photographer who is experienced and will guarantee results that impress. Novus Events has been operating since July 2014, having serviced hundreds of events, you can be confident you're getting an impeccable service when you place your trust in our team.

  4. Review their past photography The internet is a powerful tool. It is very easy to look at a photographers past work to understand whether their shooting style matches what you're looking for, and if they have the experience and skill to guarantee the results you need. At Novus, we have photographed hundreds of events. You can explore many of our event albums on our Facebook Page to experience the quality of imagery we provide.

  5. Ask questions and engage with the team You're hiring a professional photographer because you aren't an expert yourself. Embrace your lack of expertise and ask for advice and help. You want to hire a photographer who offers impeccable customer service and is passionate about guiding you through the process. At Novus, our bookings team and photography team adore to assist our clients with all their queries and questions. Even if you don't ask the right questions, we'll make sure you know what you need to know to achieve a fantastic result.

There is still so much to learn, but luckily our friendly support team are only one call, message or email away. Get in touch with our team to get the support and advice you need to guarantee the success of your next event.



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